Who am I ?

Virginie Schroeder
244, rue le boisé
G5R 5V4 Rivière du loup, QC

Virginie Schroeder sets the scene with lines, geometric shapes and circles to create works where the objects or the subjects are not visible at first.

Her art is the result of a reflection and esthetical intuition imposed by the geometry of the shapes.

Her art must intrigue, raise questioning and curiosity by the abstract personality of the work.

One only needs to concentrate on a focal point, take a gentle step back and contemplate the detailed work. Most of all, Virginie Schroeder wants her art to be so rich of meaning that one must admire it for several minutes in order to understand it.

To understand the work, the admirer must emotionally connect with it, contemplate it, open and concentrate all its senses, but more importantly live it.

It is not enough to only feel the emotion of the work. What the artist want is the public to enter the piece and connect with its spirit.

The piece is designed to give a new artistic vision and impress the public trough its subtle but breath taking details.

When a face, an animal, a landscape where any other theme is literally torn apart, it acquires a whole other shape, identity, dimension, and prestige. We learn how to understand its beauty as we admire it.

This is when the magic happens. Our subconscious discovers a piece of art where the abstract is so rich and full of meaning that we can emotionally feel it and relate to it.

Virginie Schroeder is looking for vision unstructured, popular, singular, and imaginative. It is her goal to awake our senses in the search for her artwork.